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Gnome Far From Home

There’s no better place than Little Gnome’s home. A friend nearby might be nice, though.
Maybe this is set to change. . . While practising trumpet for the Big Parade, a cheeky magpie carries Little Gnome away!

Lost in a forest, then swept by a rushing river, he’s soon far, far from his beloved home.
But Little Gnome’s not one to give up easily. His kindness and courage soon earn him the respect of others. Might these be new friends in the making?

• A gentle lesson in resilience and optimism for the youngest readers.
• Action-packed storytelling, with plenty of child-friendly slapstick humour.
• Celebrates the joy and reciprocity of friendships.

Author: Brendan Kearney
Illustrator: Brendan Kearney

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